Letton Percival

Overseas Removals Insurance

Client Details

We started working with Letton & Percival in 2021 having been referred by another client.

Our Services
  • Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Speed Optimisation
  • Website Maintenance

The Mission.

Letton Percival came to us with serious issue. Their website had been hacked and was distributing malware to its visitors, potential clients!  Their provider at the time could not help them in a timely manner RightClick stepped in. In less than a day, we had removed the hacked website and had produced and set up a holding webpage so customers could still view the company contact details, and were aware a new site was in progress.

Letton and Percival had some branding that they wanted to keep the the theme of for the new site. We were able to produce a new website using the design elements consistent with their branding.

The aim for the new site was to ensure that the site was mobile, tablet and desktop friendly and that the it created a positive user experience for the visitors.

We were looking for an expert who could help us through the process of upgrading our website. Shay at RightClick Solutions listened attentively to our requirements and provided a professional, friendly service throughout, delivering exactly what was required within the deadline and budget.

John Leaver, Director

Impressive Result.

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