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The Client.

We have been working with Moocall since 2019.

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The Mission.

When we first started to work with Moocall they were facing multiple issues using Shopify as their ecomerce platform.  As a global distributor, the single currency of the shop was causing recurring issues that resulted in negative feedback from customers who wanted to be billed in their own currencies.

Another issue they had as a global distributor was that they wanted to be able to offer translations of their many blog posts without paying the hefty monthly charges required by Shopify.

Passion leads to success

David Skelly, COO


Following the global pandemic Moocall wanted to expand their video library.

We collaborated in planning a series of customer testimonials videos for use in social marketing campaigns in Ireland. Once they’d chosen the customers we took care of the rest; organizing shoot times, editing and production.

We organized, wrote the script and shot a video of all the farmers which resulted in us  capturing a live birth!

The video production service we offer has helped immensely with the company’s social media marketing campaigns, resulting in significant increase of user engagement.

Video Production

Impressive Result.

In response to the specific company needs, we migrated the entire site; customers, orders, products and blog posts, to WordPress, a platform that would allow them to easily use multi-currency and enable them to bill their customers according to location. This platform also enabled them to have their blog posts translated at a fraction of the cost. The design of the new site was created to in such a way as to provide the staff a lot more freedom when adding new pages. This would afford them greater flexibility for ongoing changes and additions.

In addition to building their new site we were also employed to work on their marketing strategy. As part of this we created new testimonial videos. These were  used in their social media marketing campaign, and resulted in improved engagement.

Passion leads to success

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