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We have been working with Pratley’s since 2016. The latest project was to build a website, where customers could buy steel easily.

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The Mission.

Prattles are another long term client of ours, who wanted to embrace the internet and sell online.

The goal was to design and build a site that customers could use with ease. They would be able to order  custom sizes and extras from wherever they were.

One of the issue with steel is the delivery. Transport of such large, heavy items is not easy, so the marketing of the site needed to be within a set radius.

Building the concept

The main aim of the site was to allow customers to order steel easily. Our design allows for simple selection of steel type, and effortless customization to exactly how they want it. Accurate pricing is displayed as the customer makes the modifications.

This dynamic pricing feature allowed customers to easily estimate the steel cost and make the purchase. This saved hours of admin time for Pratleys staff who had previously had to respond to many emails and telephone calls in order to quote.

Our digital marketing efforts have proved successful in attracting new clients for Pratleys. Customer numbers are increasing on a daily basis. Social media and PPC have played a major role in this marketing success. Due to the nature of the product, our campaigns are aimed at specific geographic locations and we are seeing great success in this.

We continue to work with Pratleys on an ongoing basis, managing the website updates and performing piecemeal works on our maintenance contract.

We have been working with RightClick for a number of years now, after moving to them, it was clear they were different, James took the time to listen and understand how our business worked, our new website allows new and old customers to order customized steel with great ease. The marketing is really paying off and we are getting new customers every week. RightClick have been great to work with, nothing seems to be a problem for them!

Adie Pratley, Managing Director

Impressive Result.

The results really do speak for themselves! The customers love the convenience of it finding it simple and efficient to use. Our marketing campaign is proving successful in finding them new customers, and this is reflected in the increase in sales figures! The custom works we developed for quotations is so effective that the sales staff now use the website as their main quoting tool!

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